BIBIAN BLUE / Bibiana C. Berenguer ( Barcelona)

Belonging to a lineage of creative jewel crafts-makers and antiques restorers, Bibian Blue is a veteran in the alternative fashion designers scene in Europe and beyond. A pioneer in the hand-made exquisite elaboration of artisan prêt-a-porter corsetterie, her brand reunites over a decade of bi-annual collections with exclusive pieces of a unclassifiable fashion, unique and very sensual, tirelessly exploring the boundaries of innovation and tradition.

From her studio in the center of Barcelona, the evolution of the designs combine art and intuition, dream symbolism and inspiration through a steady development of unconventional materials applied to reinterpreted patterns, drawn from European art history and the pre-Moderno.

The transversal artistic trends collected from diverse disciplines such as painting and sculpture, theater and circus, music and comics ... And the fabrics and materials such as laces, embroidery and feathers combine with silks, leathers and vinyls are presented by the firm in idealized and often customized exclusive pieces for each client. The conceptual creations of Bibian Blue are in the present, past reminiscences accurately dreamt of in an imagined future.

The collections evoke expressions of realities yet to be born, which are in return melancholic depictions of a time yet to happen. Reinventing mythological styles, Barroque and Neo-classical designs, Bibian Blue’s technological experimentation and the creative new ways of dealing with materials and fabric, converge into unique yet functional garments, essentially feminine.

The concept of time in Bibian Blue is in practice the realization that the past, present and future come together through creation, occupying the same space. United in the same dimension, different times play to identify, to riff off and to worship each other without being possible to distinguish the principle of mutual interaction. The creations in themselves, are the most plausible self-reference.

Bibian Blue is not fashion  but a cosmos of originality in clothes that have been almost literally carved in, with the goal of providing imagology to neo-romantic stories featuring retro-muses unfreed from ambiguity and sophistication.